Server termination policy

Servers consume valuable resources. There is only a finite number of servers that can be run at the same time.

Manual termination

You are encouraged to terminate your servers when you no longer need them.

Automatic termination

To ensure fair use, servers will be scheduled for automatic termination after it has become idle.

After being scheduled for termination, a server will continue running for 24 hours. During this time, you should copy off any results you want to keep and then manually terminate the server. If you do not manually terminate the server, it will be automatically terminated and all the data in the server’s temporary storage will be lost.

Alpha release: do not rely on this 24 hours delay. During the alpha release, servers might be terminated for other reasons and without notice. Always immediately save data you want to keep.


Alpha release: notifications are not being sent. Do not depend on them.

In the production system, you will be sent an email notification of when your server has been scheduled for automatic termination.

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