Discovery overview

ecocloud Explorer is a search service for finding published datasets. It is an interface to CSIRO’s Knowledge Network that is customised for discovering ecology datasets and has support to use those datasets with ecocloud tools.


To conduct a search:

  1. Go to the ecocloud Explorer page .
  2. Enter the search terms in the search field and press the return key, or the search button.

The matching entries are shown on the page.

The entries can be filtered by data publisher and resource type, by checking the checkboxes to the right of the results.

Viewing results

The title of an entry is shown, along with other metadata that has been provided by the data publisher or entry provider.

To visit the data publisher’s Website, press the “Go to website” button.

When you have found some datasets you want to use, you can:

  1. Download the dataset to your local computer (see below); or
  2. Download the dataset into a compute server, so it can process it. ecocloud Explorer can generated code snippets to help you write code to do this. For more information, please see code snippets.

Downloading datasets

When the data is available as a download file, a link is shown for it, along with format and licence information. Follow the link to download the file to your local computer. Some entries have multiple download files.

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