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Ecological research can involve the analysis of large datasets spanning multiple species, traits, time periods and sites. Processing such data takes time and often a lot of computer memory. 

The ecocloud Platform has solved this problem by providing freely available tools for ecoscience researchers. Using the ecocloud Platform allows you to analyse your data in the language you're used to (such as R or Python) without your computer memory crashing. Aside from saving processing power, other advantages of cloud based processing through the ecocloud Platform allow you to:

  • Access your data, analyses and results from any computer you log into. 
  • Write analyses in the code you know best, including R and Python using Jupyter 
  • Find publicly available datasets, code and analyses through our Git-hub plug-in or our ecocloud Explorer
  • Provides a central location for teaching materials, allowing students access, without having to download and install R or Python first. 
  • Easily share outputs with collaborators and co-authors.
  • Keep you data safe through our access and privacy measures. 
  • On-going support from a dedicated and technical team.

The ecocloud service is provided at no charge to Australian researchers. It is funded by the Australian Federal Government as an National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) project through the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) program, and also supported by the ecocloud project partners.

To get started with ecocloud head to our support article ecocloud How-to-guide.

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