ecocloud Dashboard

The ecocloud Dashboard allows you to access and view your ecocloud services.

It contains three main sections:

  • Servers: showing the servers you have running;
  • Workspace: showing the amount of storage used in your workspace; and
  • Datasets: links to the ecocloud Explorer to find datasets.


This section shows the servers you have running. Servers are a running instances of a tool.

  • To return to a server to continue using it, press the "Open" button next to it.
  • To launch a new server, go to the tools page.
  • To terminate a server, press the "Terminate" button next to it. Warning: it does not ask for confirmation: ecocloud assumes you know what you are doing.

Note: the ecocloud Platform currently only allows a maximum of one running server.

For more information about using servers, please see the compute overview.


This section shows the amount of persistent storage used in your ecocloud Workspace, where notebooks and scripts can be saved, so they can be kept when servers are terminated.

For more information about storing data, please see the storage overview.


To find other public datasets, follow the “ecocloud Explorer” link in this section.

For more information, please see discovery overview.

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