ecocloud Workspace

What is a Workspace?

Your ecocloud Workspace is where all your scripts, notebooks and data can be stored. Similar to the filing and storage system on your computer your ecocloud Workspace allows you to set up multiple folders for different projects, and add files or outputs to these folders. When using ecocloud anything that is saved in your Workspace is accessible to you with every log in, and your scripts can run directly from this folder. Anything saved outside of your Workspace will not be stored for the next session, so it is really important you are familiar with how to access and use your Workspace.

This persistent storage allows you to store up to 10GB at a time. If you require more storage than this, get in touch with us. You can keep track of your available storage from your Dashboard. For more information about the different types of storage, see the storage overview.

Accessing your Workspace

There are two ways you can access your Workspace, but first you must be signed into your account. Once signed in, you can either access the Workspace after you have started your ecocloud server, or by selecting Workspace from your Platform. 

Through a server

Once you have launched a server (see the how-to-guide), you can access your Workspace by selecting the 'workspace' folder on the left-hand side. 

Through your Platform

Once signed in, you are directed to your ecocloud Platform. From here, you can select the 'Workspace' from the top menu on the right hand side.

Adding/removing items to your Workspace

If accessing your Workspace through a server you can add files, code or data from your computer by selecting the upload button (). If you have files saved to Dropbox or Google Drive, they can also be imported to your Workspace by signing in with your credentials, selecting your file and importing it. 

If accessing your Workspace through your Platform you can upload files by selecting the 'Upload File' button at the bottom of your Workspace.

From here, you will then be prompted to select your file by clicking on the 'Choose File' button. 

You can remove a file or folder from your Workspace by selecting the rubbish bin icon() next to the file or folder. Caution: it is removed immediately: there is no "are you sure" prompt and the operation cannot be undone.

Sharing your Workspace contents

At the moment the best means to share your Workspace contents is by downloading it using the download icon () next to the file or folder. This will allow you to download the file and share it as you normally would.

We are working on other ways to share your Workspace contents, so stay tuned for updates. 

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