ecocloud Explorer

The ecocloud Explorer provides you with access to more than 20,000 publicly available datasets. Available datasets include geospatial layers, flora and fauna observations, topographic layers, climate data, local council maps, marine environmental assessments, and more. These datasets are primarily from Australia and have been provided by local authorities and researchers. 

To access the ecocloud Explorer, you must first be signed in to ecocloud. 

Search datasets

You can search available datasets by entering search terms in the search section.

You can narrow your results further by applying filters which may include the organisation the data has come from, or the file type the data is in. 

Selecting datasets

1. Once you have found a dataset that you would like to incorporate in your analysis you can select it by clicking the 'View Dataset' box next under the Data and Resources section. 

2. At the top of the page, select View Snippets.

3. From here you can either download the raw file with the Download File button, or copy and paste the code snippet to add the data directly to your working space and analysis.

You can find more detailing information about the datasets and incorporating the snippets in your analysis under our Discovery section here.

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